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Day 22: flowers in the sun

Day 21: we’ve hosted a couchsurfer today. It was a great day wandering around Ljubljana. :)

Day 20: Romantic beer from Amsterdam. Time to drink it!

Day 19: What a cute building in Ljubljana. :) I’ve never seen it before.

Day 18: I had an exam today and I am really tired. But here’s what I am excited about! Houston!

Day 17: Food shouldn’t make me that happy, but tomorrow is exam day, so this was basically the only happy thing today

Day 16: not so happy about studying, but the sun in the library made it better. :)

Day 15: I never get tired of this view/sunset

Day 14: It was a great day. I did a great workout in the morning and had this tasty dinner. :) I’m also happy because it’s only 16 more days till I leave for Houston! :)

New t-shirt!!! :)

Day 12: Slap Peri─Źnik! Izlet za najino obletnico.

Day 11: beautiful sky

Day 10: I baked muffins! :)

Day 9: I have no idea what this pose is.

Day 8: my baby (actually old now)